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Carver Hill: A New Favorite

4 Oct

This past weekend I planned to head out to Stow, MA to visit Honey Pot Hill Orchards. I’ve heard a lot about this place, some good, some bad, but before my visit another friend recommended Carver Hill Orchard, which I was told has a more low-key vibe. Ultimately I decided to check out Carver Hill and was glad I did.

It was definitely not an ideal day to go apple picking, humid and misty rain throughout the day, but in the end it didn’t matter and I ended up discovering one of my favorite orchards.
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Brookfield…stands the test of time

19 Sep

I thought a lot about writing this review leading up to my visit to Brookfield Orchards this past weekend. I knew going-in that this is my favorite orchard so how was I going to look at this place with a critical lense and an unbiased perspective?

I decided that the best approach is to try and review all of the elements that I have evaluated during my other orchard visits and see how Brookfield measures up. Not surprisingly, the result is a break down of what makes this orchard so great, year-after-year. Here we go!

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Mack’s challenges expectations

11 Sep

I was prepared to be disappointed by the experience at Mack’s Apples. After all, I went there a few years ago on the recommendation of a close friend, and after having such a bad experience I vowed to never go there again. My return trip today, however, revised my impression of this expansive, yet great orchard.

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Belkin: focused on experience

6 Sep

Today I visited Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, MA. Only a short drive from Boston, Belkin resides on what feels like a country road, even though it’s only a few short miles from a flurry of suburban activity.

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A picking we will go, or so I thought…

2 Sep

I headed to Bolton Orchards today for my first apple-picking trip of the season. Turns out, Bolton Orchards is a really a farm stand. Wah wah.

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10 Aug

Chances are you’re familiar with this scenario: you show an interest in something and soon enough people begin to identify you with said thing. You begin receiving cards, knicknacks, clothing, jewelry and stocking stuffers with turtles, butterflies, or your favorite sports team on them. Well, this is how it is with me and apples. Continue reading