Apple Varieties

Paula Red

Origin: Sparta, Michigan, 1960 (commercial, 1967).
Appearance: Paula Reds are a medium-sized apple and characterized by red skin with shades of yellow and green.
Taste: Very crisp, sweetly tart and juicy
Use: Paula Reds are harvested early in the apple-picking season, primarily the end of August into September (depending on the season). A good all-purpose variety, Paula Reds are great for cooking, baking and eating.
Recipe: Apple Pizza


Origin: Ontario, Canada, 1830.
Appearance: Red with green/yellow undertones
Taste: Juicy, sweet-tart, and crisp
Use: Eating & baking (especially applesauce). Despite their bad reputation for baking, I bake with McIntosh all the time and find their taste and texture great for pies and tarts. McIntosh can bruise easily so refrigerating them helps preserve their freshness.
Recipe: Maple Apple Crisp


Origin: Geneva, New York, 1915. Cortland apples a cross between a McIntosh and a Ben Davis varieties.
Appearance: Cortland’s skin is red and green striped, and their flesh is extremely white.
Taste: Crisp, sweet with a hint of tartness.
Use: Cortland’s are a good all-purpose apple. They are great for baking, but since their white flesh is more resistant to browning compared to other varieties, they are especially good in sweet or savory salads.
Recipe: Apple Pie with Granola Crumb Crust


Origin: New York State, 1966. Empire is a cross between a McIntosh and Red Delicious.
Appearance: Empire’s skin is red on yellow, but sometimes all red.
Taste: Empire’s are crisp with a spicy-sweet flavor.
Use: Due to their sweet and spicy flavor, Empire is good for eating or in salads.
Recipe: Oatmeal Apple Cupcakes


Origin: Geneva, New York, 1923. Macoun is a cross between a McIntosh and a Jersey Black.
: Macoun’s have dark red skin overlaying green, with snow-white flesh.
Taste: A honey-sweet apple that is juicy, yet tender.
Use: Macoun is a good snacking apple, but also great for pies, salads or apple sauce. Only available October through November, Macoun’s are a fall apple and have a narrow window of use from the time that they’re harvested.
Recipe: Apple Cranberry Squares


Origin: New York State, 1968. Developed from Jonathan and Golden Delicious.
Appearance: Jonagold have a thin skin, which is a warm red with areas of golden yellow.
Taste: Jonagolds are extra crisp with a sweet and slightly tart flavor.
Use: Jonagold is a versatile variety, but it’s especially good in pies and sauces.
Recipe: Spiced Apple Cookies


Origin: Geneva, New York, 1968.
Appearance: Characterized by its yellow flesh with warm red undertones (blush-colored).
Taste: Honeycrisp are sweet with a hint of tartness.
Use:  They are available September through February. Created to grow in cooler climates, Honey Crisp can be stored for several months.
Recipe: Apple Spice Cake

Photos: Courtesy of New York Apple Association © New York Apple Association


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