A picking we will go, or so I thought…

2 Sep

I headed to Bolton Orchards today for my first apple-picking trip of the season. Turns out, Bolton Orchards is a really a farm stand. Wah wah.

When approaching, I actually drove by thinking it might be a market where the Orchard sells its goods. I quickly realized I drove 45 minutes to go to a pastoral supermarket. Once I accepted that there was no picking to be had, I decided to explore the goods and see what Bolton had to offer.

In addition to selling local and freshly-picked apples, Bolton Orchards Market & Deli offered baked goods, fall sweets & treats (such as candy apples and peanut brittle), custom  jams and preserves.

After speaking to a few employees at the Market, I was disappointed to learn that even the jams and canned products were not made from Bolton produce. Most of the fruits and vegetables (and even baked goods) are from other farms, packaged by an external company with the Bolton label. I guess if you live nearby, the Market provides an opportunity to purchase local produce, which is nice, but this failed to offer the fall experience I was looking for in an “Orchard.”

As for the apples themselves, Bolton offered several varieties, including Empress, Red Free, Marshall Mac, Paula Red, and some early-season Cortlands. I selected some Paula Reds for baking Apple Pizza. I also ate one on the way home and it was delicious!

All-in-all, Bolton was an interesting first-of-the-season experience. Not exactly what I expected, but I got some darn-good apples.


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