10 Aug

Chances are you’re familiar with this scenario: you show an interest in something and soon enough people begin to identify you with said thing. You begin receiving cards, knicknacks, clothing, jewelry and stocking stuffers with turtles, butterflies, or your favorite sports team on them. Well, this is how it is with me and apples.

Now, I have to admit that there’s a reason I have this reputation. I definitely contribute to this position of my affinity for apples and anything autumnal. I probably own 20+ dishes that are apple-shaped or have apples on them. I also have apple prints, several apple-crafty decorative items, and dozens of apple-specific cookbooks. I have also been known to make an event of apple picking and baking apple treats throughout the fall, which is why this year I decided to expand my usual routine by starting a blog about the apple-picking season.

Typically, me and two of my closest friends (Raquel & Erin) visit the same orchard every year (Brookfield Orchards). We get up relatively early, we drive out to North Brookfield, stop at any yard sales along the way, pick our own apples, peruse the country store, eat a dumpling or kettle corn at the snack bar, people watch, and then return home full of goodies. This tradition is one of my favorite days of the year and I look forward to it every fall.

So this year I decided to expand my horizons, try different orchards, review their offerings, amenities, and the overall experience, culminating it all by baking a different dish with the yield from that farm.

After all, there are thousands of apple varieties, each with its own unique color, shape, texture and flavor. Although apples are harvested year round, they are best during the harvest season, August through November. This year I will visit seven orchards and rate them on their apple variety and quality, setting/atmosphere, and overall customer experience.

Let the picking begin!


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